I offer a selection of editorial packages to help you make and sell games better.  Let me show you what I can do for you.

I work at $50/hr.  First-time clients can get me at different rates, depending on what we negotiate.  Every so often I also hold sales, which I'll list here and tell clients about, so be sure to check back every so often.

When you make an ad for a magazine or the back cover copy of a book, it's got to catch the reader's eye.  Solid design plus features that gets the reader hyped.  Evenly matched.  Plus it doesn't help to get a little unconventional to really snatch their attention.  I can help you get that and really up the chance to convert that reader into a customer with copy, design suggestions, and even mockups.

Dungeon Crawler Ad
I love discovering cool indie games, and Dungeon Crawler from Gifted Visions is one of them.  In this mockup I focused on Greenknee, the iconic shaman that comes with the Dungeon Crawler starter.  He takes center stage while the copy jams about the custom decks for infinite challenge.  Gifted Visions dug it enough to bring me on-tap to revamp DC's rulebook, coming soon.

Download the PDF of the ad copy here.

Print Articles:  Print's not dead - entrepreneurs are still connecting with prospects through magazines and trades.  But just like in the blogging world, you have to make it worth their while.  You've got to give useful advice and present expert knowledge, and since I know a lot about creativity and marketing, it's exactly what game designers and publishers want to read about.  I can get you a good article that teaches useful stuff, along with possible sidebars and layout suggestions so it keeps prospects reading through the whole thing.

Blog Posts:  Everybody's blogging these days, and the advice is the same - content is king.  Basically, I do what I would do in a print article and adapt it for the web - it's scannable, with headlines and bullet points so readers can skim it and get the high concept, or go in deeper for more how-to knowledge.  I'll get you the post, formatting in HTML, plus any extra stuff and pictures you might want.

Columns:  If you want to keep in touch with your readers consistently, a column's a great idea.  Each installment, I can address the column's theme with new ideas that readers can use to improve their games, whether they're playing or designing them.  Having that constant stream of reliable info makes them loyal to your publication and keeps them coming back.

The Long Hello
In this article I challenge other writers to start their stories in the midst of action - even the slower ones.  To drive the point home, I use pictures to bring up examples from movies and videogames that cut to the chase.  But I also didn't want to come off snooty, so I wrote informally, cracking a lot of jokes as I went.  Me, I think one of the best ways to express a new idea is through humor, and if I get people thinking as well as laughing with this, I'm golden.

Download the PDF of this blog post here.

Great games have clear, streamlined rules.  In a game designer's mind, they can see exactly how a game works, but a good ruleset has to relate that vision to new players in an obvious way.  It's a tougher job than most people expect.  I can help you focus your rules so your buyers can get to enjoying your game right now instead of fumbling over foggy instructions.  And besides revising and expanding rules, I also offer layout and art direction suggestions to offer visual examples players can use.

Besides rulebooks, I also offer this for game instructions, software FAQs, and more.

Your website has to do it all to work - it's got to sell your products to interested customers while convincing ones that come in through links or Google that you've got great games to offer.  And it can be tough to write a website that accomplishes that.  I can make copy for your website with keywords to draw traffic while showing them all the cool stuff they can do with your games.  Plus I can show you layout suggestions that can draw attention to certain products you want to push.

Strands of Power Sales Page
For the expansion to the awesome Strands of Fate RPG, I emphasized all the crazy new stuff you can do.  Stopping time and building armored suits is only the start of what's possible.  Strands of Power intends to blow open the doors of campaigns with the sheer power available.  I made sure to let readers know just what they're getting into.

Click here to take a look at the Strands of Power sales page.

Download the PDF of the Strands of Power back cover copy here.

Press Releases:  Press releases are still used to market products and services through the press.  The key is that they're useful news that people want to follow up on - anything else won't fly.  When marketing, you want to touch as many effective channels as you can, and newspapers, online and off, are still useful.  I'll work with you to make a newsworthy press release and help distribute it to the right people for the most impact.

Newsletters:  When you capture prospect emails with a subscription service, a newsletter is an excellent way to keep your products in their minds.  But it can't be an annoying newsletter or they'll unsubscribe in a flash.  Instead, you want to offer useful info like game design tips, GM advice, scenarios, and so on.  This builds loyalty, and then they don't mind a little pitch afterwards about all the new games you're offering.  Loyal customers are the best and newsletters let you build that.  We can negotiate how often and how much of a newsletter you want - pick the best size for your needs.

Let's get to work.  Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you.